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trailer hitched to a truck

About Us

Trailer hitches can be attached to sports utility vehicles, vans and pick-up trucks. They can be used to pull anything from cargo to boats, trailers and RV campers, but the vehicle has to be strong enough to pull whatever load is connected to it. That’s why it’s important to know your vehicle’s towing capacity and use the right size of trailer hitch for the load you intend to pull. But there are lots of different brands, types, class sizes and qualities of hitches on the market.

Unsure which one will best suit your needs? Let E & H Hitch Shop help you make that important decision.

Since 1967, E & H Hitch Shop has been serving all of your towing needs in the Lower Mainland. Our well-trained and knowledgeable team can find the right size of hitch for your specific towing needs. We also do all of the necessary wiring and light work involved. We service and maintain trailers and we can custom-make hitches for import vehicles.

We are fluent in both English and German.


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